About Dr. Maegly





I know how precious time is and I’m humbled that you are taking the time to read more about my background and the services I provide.   

My career path began at the age of 16 when a friend suggested I become a psychologist because I was a “good listener.” So I took a psychology class. When college application time rolled around, two beloved teachers suggested I apply to Muskingum College. I listened to them and completed my Bachelor of Arts in psychology there. I earned my master’s and doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology at Xavier University, where I had applied at the encouragement of my closest advisor. I completed my pre-doctoral internship at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Lexington, Kentucky- a site a friend suggested I look into. After internship, I pursued additional training at a large, local community mental health and addiction services agency after listening to the advice of a trusted mentor. So when Dr. Bryant offered me the opportunity to join her practice, once again I listened…and it felt right.    

I believe listening is essential to make the most of our journey. Listening to messages we are receiving, listening to opportunities that arise, listening to our gut reactions, listening to lessons learned from mistakes, listening to difficult feedback, listening to our bodies, listening to our loved ones more fully, and listening to our inner selves. Sometimes the messages are jumbled, buried, confusing, or something we’ve chosen to avoid. We end up listening to the wrong voices. We listen to the voices of our critics, the voices of the past, the voices of doubt, the voices of social pressure, the voices of fear, the voices of temptation, and the voice of apathy. Somehow, we must each find a way to tune those voices out, quiet down, stop the inner chatter, soothe the nerves, and focus on listening to what matters. My experience has shown me that therapy can be an important key in learning to truly listen to what one needs to be their best self.  

Wellness and personal growth are best pursued within a trusting, judgment-free, safe, open, empathic, and honest therapy relationship. I strive to develop this type of relationship with each client because it is the foundation for lasting change. I’m fully committed to exploring and working to understand each client’s perspective, background, culture, values, lifestyle, and choices. In our work together, I hope to help my clients discover their strengths and learn the skills necessary to develop the lives they want to live. To achieve this goal, I utilize elements of multiple science-supported models of treatment, such as insight-oriented approaches, cognitive behavioral therapy, and third-wave behavioral techniques. Or more simply: exploration, acceptance, change, and flexibility.  

I work with individuals and couples on issues such as: depression, anxiety, severe mental illness, trauma, conflict resolution, military veteran issues, aging, parenting, marital difficulties, adjustment problems, feeling out of control, being overwhelmed, and feeling lost.  

If you or someone you know is interested in receiving more information about my services, please feel free to reach out and I will be happy to answer your questions. 

Warmly yours,

Michelle Maegly, Psy.D.
Phone: (513) 612-9745
Fax: (513) 672-1100